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The National Council for Youth Sports places the number of participants in youth sports programs nationwide at nearly 50 million.  As youth sports – and particularly, youth team sports – have grown, the demand for new and innovative outlets for athletic competition has arisen.

In early 2014, a group of enthusiasts – included among them collegiate and high school officials and former college players – came together with the goal of creating a new basketball league for boys and girls in grades 4 through 8.  Their discussions among themselves and with coaches and directors of basketball programs in the Central and Northern New Jersey areas led to the formation of the Jersey Basketball Association (JBA).



Better by Design and Motivation

With experience in a wide variety of leagues, the Board of the JBA began with certain core principles for league success, among them –

  • development of a complete, accurate schedule distributed early enough to allow revision based on individual team needs
  • limited travel on weeknights for all teams in recognition that our young athletes are also students
  • offering broad, deep competition providing challenge to players and teams at all skill levels
  • innovation and special events enhancing the experience for players, coaches, and parents
  • providing learning and development opportunities for players and coaches
  • creation of advanced technology linking participants to information enabling them to get the most from their youth basketball experience
  • professional league administration that is transparent, approachable, and responsive to participants and other concerned parties

Unencumbered by a profit motive, the JBA’s founders focused their energies on creating a league that will fulfill those core principles and exceed the expectations of their participants.


The Value of Participation

Participation in team sports teaches many life lessons to young athletes.  Boys and girls learn, among other things, the value of teamwork and shared sacrifice.  The right structure can help instill in participants beneficial traits including determination, perseverance, character, integrity, and a mindset for success.  The JBA has created just such a structure.

With levels of competition that will challenge teams and players, the JBA has something for teams and players of all skill levels and is committed to recruiting additional teams and organizations when necessary to ensure the best possible competitive environment for all of its teams.  Competition is a key driver of performance, and playing against appropriate competition can help nurture individual player talents.

Of course, competition also drives innovation.  And, that is equally true of individuals, businesses, and even sports leagues.  The JBA’s Board is flattered that other sports leagues have already adopted JBA innovations into their leagues.  As our League continues to grow and innovate, we are proud of our contributions to driving improvement among leagues across the New Jersey sports landscape.


JBA Composition

As the JBA approaches the start of its 6th season, it boasts over 500 committed teams in 29 Divisions, from towns and organizations in Somerset, Union, Morris, Middlesex, Hunterdon, and surrounding counties.


Join the Excitement!

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