Playoff Division Rationale

At the JBA, we are committed to providing the most competitive environment possible for the benefit of all of our teams. When teams enter the season, their coaches are not always certain of the competitive levels at which they should play and place their teams in divisions that are too competitive or not competitive enough.

As we did last season and as we informed all of the coaches who attended our preseason meetings, teams performing considerably above or below the competitive levels of the other teams in their respective divisions are subject to be moved to a more appropriate division for the playoffs. So, as the season approaches an end, we review the records and scores of all of our teams’ games in order to determine disparities that impact the competitiveness of each of our divisions.

In seeding the playoff brackets, we have taken pains to consider what is most fair for both the team(s) being moved and the teams in the division to which they are moved.

  • All teams being moved up or down will receive the highest seed not getting a home game – Change due to teams playing in the higher division losing home playoff games to teams not in correct division.
  • If more than one team from a division is moving up or down, they will be seeded in the order of their finish in their current division with the top team getting the highest seed possible followed by the other teams.

At the JBA, we consider that our League and youth sports in general should be learning experiences for their participants – extensions of the classroom providing new challenges to those who have mastered more basic ones. It is not so much about winning as it is progress, teamwork, and the opportunity to grow as players and people.

We thank all of the towns, organizations, and teams participating in our League this season. We have worked hard to make it a fair, enjoyable, and memorable experience and wish all of our teams good luck in this season’s Playoffs.