Playoff Information

A letter was sent today to all coaches regarding our upcoming playoffs.  The text of the document is as follows:


As you are all well aware, JBA’s 2014-15 inaugural season is winding down and playoffs will be starting shortly. Below are some things of which you need to be aware.

Seedings for all playoff brackets will be based upon winning percentages for games completed through Sunday, February 22nd and reported by Monday, February 23rd at noon. It is the responsibility of the winning coaches to make sure that their scores are reported.

Our regular season ends on Saturday, February 28th and playoffs begin the next day on Sunday, March 1st. It is the responsibility of the higher seeded team to contact its opponent to setup game date, time, and location. All game details should be emailed to [email protected] a minimum of 24 hours prior to game time.

All first round games must be completed according to the schedule established on the individual divisional bracket. In brackets containing 8 teams or fewer, first round games must be completed by March 6th. In brackets containing 9 or more teams, first round games must be completed by March 4th. Please check your team’s bracket to determine round scheduling.

Towns/organizations with multiple higher seeded teams should attempt to schedule games consecutively in order to facilitate assignment of officials.

The Jersey Basketball Association will notify you regarding Divisional Championship Game times and locations scheduled for the weekend of Friday March 13th, Saturday March 14th, and Sunday March 15th.

Thanks to all for a great season,


Tom Petruzzelli, JBA

Cancellations for Saturday, January 24th

Games for Saturday, January 24th are cancelled at the following locations –

Branchburg Central Middle School
Mendham Township Middle School
Warren – Woodland Elementary School
Readington Middle School
Chatham Middle School
Madison High School
Colonia High School
Montgomery Lower Middle School
Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School
Berkeley Heights Columbia Middle School
Fords Middle School
South Plainfield PAL
New Providence Middle School & High School
Hillsborough Middle School

Snow Cancellation Policy

In case of snow, other inclement weather, or emergency prohibiting use of a gym, it is imperative that the director or other authority of our participating towns and/or organizations contact the Jersey Basketball Association at info@jerseybasketballassociation as soon as is practicable so that we may post the cancellation to the Announcements page of our website where coaches, parents, players, and officials can all view any and all cancellations for that day or weekend.

In the case of inclement weather or other emergency, we do not want participants or officials making an unnecessary trip under what may be hazardous road conditions.  All games that are scheduled are designated as “To Be Played” (“TBD”).  Should a game be cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergency, its status will change to “Postponed” (“PPD”).  However, due to the time it takes to make that type of scheduling change on what may well be multiple games and the urgency of making cancellation information available, it is more effective to post any cancellations to our Announcements page and thereafter change the status on our schedules.

Please understand that we have notified all teams and officials to travel to their intended games unless notified that the game has been cancelled.  Since some of our teams and officials travel a considerable distance, that means that any cancellation information must be provided the JBA with enough lead time to allow travelers to check the website prior to leaving for the game.

With that in mind, we have established the following policy to address potential cancellation:


Towns and organizations should submit cancellation details to the JBA prior to 4 PM.  Information received after 4 PM will still be posted to our Announcements page.  Some participants and officials may, however, have already left for the game.


Towns and organizations should contact the JBA via email with cancellation information prior to 7 AM on the day of cancellation.  This also applies to Delayed Start Times.  As with our Weekday cancellations, information received after 7 AM will still be posted.

In the case of Delayed Start Times for towns and organizations hosting multiple games at their venues, we ask that the “delayed start” be made to coincide with a scheduled starting time for a later game (i.e., if games are scheduled at 9 AM, 10:15 AM, 11:30 AM, and 12:45 PM, the “delayed start” should begin at one of the “scheduled” times after 9 AM).

The key to minimizing the impact of game cancellations on participants and officials is getting information early enough to be useful.  We ask that all towns and organizations adhere to the policy outlined in this post.

JBA Games Carried on Internet Radio

The Jersey Basketball Association is proud to announce its affiliation with the King James Radio Network.  On a weekly basis, games will be covered at select sites.  During the course of the season, the JBA hopes to expose as many of its teams as possible to the excitement of having their games streamed live and available for listening thereafter.  We thank Korbid Thompson, the King James Radio Network’s founder, for committing to broadcast our games and encourage all of our League’s members and participants to visit to listen to our games of the week.