Snow Cancellation Policy

In case of snow, other inclement weather, or emergency prohibiting use of a gym, it is imperative that the director or other authority of our participating towns and/or organizations contact the Jersey Basketball Association at info@jerseybasketballassociation as soon as is practicable so that we may post the cancellation to the Announcements page of our website where coaches, parents, players, and officials can all view any and all cancellations for that day or weekend.

In the case of inclement weather or other emergency, we do not want participants or officials making an unnecessary trip under what may be hazardous road conditions.  All games that are scheduled are designated as “To Be Played” (“TBD”).  Should a game be cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergency, its status will change to “Postponed” (“PPD”).  However, due to the time it takes to make that type of scheduling change on what may well be multiple games and the urgency of making cancellation information available, it is more effective to post any cancellations to our Announcements page and thereafter change the status on our schedules.

Please understand that we have notified all teams and officials to travel to their intended games unless notified that the game has been cancelled.  Since some of our teams and officials travel a considerable distance, that means that any cancellation information must be provided the JBA with enough lead time to allow travelers to check the website prior to leaving for the game.

With that in mind, we have established the following policy to address potential cancellation:


Towns and organizations should submit cancellation details to the JBA prior to 4 PM.  Information received after 4 PM will still be posted to our Announcements page.  Some participants and officials may, however, have already left for the game.


Towns and organizations should contact the JBA via email with cancellation information prior to 7 AM on the day of cancellation.  This also applies to Delayed Start Times.  As with our Weekday cancellations, information received after 7 AM will still be posted.

In the case of Delayed Start Times for towns and organizations hosting multiple games at their venues, we ask that the “delayed start” be made to coincide with a scheduled starting time for a later game (i.e., if games are scheduled at 9 AM, 10:15 AM, 11:30 AM, and 12:45 PM, the “delayed start” should begin at one of the “scheduled” times after 9 AM).

The key to minimizing the impact of game cancellations on participants and officials is getting information early enough to be useful.  We ask that all towns and organizations adhere to the policy outlined in this post.